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Practice Areas of Emphasis

Commerical Litigation

Frank has handled everything from small collection matters to bet-the-future-of-the-company litigation. Given the high costs of litigation involving businesses and its customers, vendors, employees and shareholders, he attempts to intervene early in the process to mitigate costs, thereby saving clients both money and time.


For the past ten years, Frank has been heavily involved in the alternative energy field, guiding companies and executives through the process of partnering with other industry players to advance common goals while navigating an ever-shifting landscape of resistant traditional utilities, fickle public acceptance and buy-in, dense regulatory oversight and roller-coaster economics.

Trusts & Estates


As we and those around us age, planning for end-of-life situations becomes important. Failure to plan may lead to disputes among siblings, adverse tax consequences, and litigation. Frank not only helps people unravel those situations but, because of his experience, can counsel you on how to avoid those same problems.

Healthcare & Insurance


Be sure you receive the benefits you pay for each month through insurance premiums. If you or a loved-one suffered an accident, or need coverage for a surgery or medical device that should be covered through your insurance, Frank can help.

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